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Knowing the price of used batteries is very important for those who deal with batteries. Therefore, you should constantly monitor the dead battery price sites, until the maximum sale. had the best price.

What is a dead battery?

Batteries are the engine of machines and generate enough energy to start and move them. When the battery life ends, it becomes a worn out battery.

What is a dead battery?

What factors affect the price of used batteries?

Among the factors affecting the price of used batteries, the following can be mentioned:

  • Carriage costs
    The costs that are paid for the transportation of used batteries

  • Recycling costs
    How to recycle a worn battery will involve different costs.
  • World price of lead
    The price of used batteries can be calculated based on the global price of lead. The price of lead, like other metals, is changing every day, that’s why the price of used batteries varies. This is a global price change

  • Market conditions
    The rate of inflation and the conditions of the dollar market is another effective factor in the price of used batteries.

Effective factors in Used battery price

Who are the sellers of used batteries?

Banks, Hospitals, Government centers and organizations, industrial factories, car repair shops and … that battery deal, they sell their used batteries. Dead battery sellers should visit various sites that provide daily dead battery price. This makes them sell more at a better price.

Who are the buyers of used batteries?

There are companies that collect and recycle these batteries to prevent them from being left in the nature. Buyers buy used batteries from sellers and reuse them after recycling. Most of the weight of batteries is made of lead. If this amount of lead remains in nature, it will cause environmental pollution and damage to living organisms.

Who are the buyers of used batteries

How to recycle a used battery?

How to recycle a used battery is very important. This is because in case of leakage of a worn out battery during recycling, a lot of damage is done to the environment. Waste battery recycling must be completely isolated.

Countries that do not have the technology and science of recycling dead battery, collect dead batteries from the country . and sell to other countries so as not to pollute their environment.

40% of the lead that is used in the industry is obtained from the recycling of these used batteries and the rest is exploited from the country’s lead mines.

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